Weltweites Womb Blessing

18. Mai – „Annehmen unserer Sexualität“

This time the circle will be hold in CORFU and ONLINE for everybody. 

Please register here.

The next Womb Blessing in Berlin will be on August 15th. 

Goddess Gift Dance Rituals

04.05: LALITA – Lustgöttin der erotischen Spiritualität

Allowing your sexual energies to enter your whole being, liberating and healing you as a radiant women. Lalita is the goddess who unleashes your life energy, shakti, to celebrate and empower the most powerful creation power on earth. Learn how to ride and lead on her waves – for your heart and womb desires.

Goddess Gift Korfu Retreat

11. – 18. Mai 2019

Together we are diving into our feminine power, beauty and let our goddess awake inside us on the magical island Corfu.

When a women is filled up with HER love, HER beliefe in herself, HER connection to her womb and sisterhood, she is unapologetic, free and shining her light out in the world!

This is how i want to see you, sisters!



30 Minutes on Skype to connect and dive into your break throughs.

The session guides you through emotional, energetic and mental blockages and allows you to unfold self-love, self-awareness and self-empowerment.

If you feel stuck and circling around a specific theme or feeling lost – in transition to something new – this session will help you!

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Womb Blessing & Healing

The sessions help you with menstrual problems, PMS, wish for child, sexual wounds, opening sexuality, connecting deeper to your femininity & womb power.

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